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e-commerce solution revolutionizing car ownership in sub-Saharan Africa. We started with an automotive marketplace, leveraging technology and robust offline operations to reduce pain points in the market for locally-used vehicles, delivering quality, convenience, and value to our customers. At Peach, we believe cars are more than their component parts – they’re a gateway to the experiences, relationships, and opportunities that make life worth living. Our aim is to build Africa’s first full-stack automotive service, spanning all aspects of car ownership and delighting our customers at every turn in the road. 


We’re at a unique point in our development and growth trajectory wherein we have a need for a skilled early- to mid-career professional to join us to help scope out, prioritize and then execute on a number of strategic projects. While these projects vary in look and feel (examples below), they are of a similar nature and would see the successful candidate working with company leadership as well as internal and external stakeholders to attempt to answer strategic questions and make a mark through the design, development, and implementation of systems and processes to enable Peach Cars to realize the growth we all know is possible.

The initial terms of engagement will be a time-bound, three (3) month contract, during which time the successful candidate will execute a project(s) as per our needs and his/her interests, experiences, and capabilities. Examples of short-term, time-bound projects that need to be taken on as soon as possible include…

Referral program – 98% of our sales comes from referrals. We know this is a critical channel, yet we’ve never quite gotten a referral program to work the way it ought to. This project will entail working with internal and external stakeholders to identify and/or action…

  • Challenges we faced / face, as well as others in our industry or geography
  • International and local best practices, both in terms of operations and tooling
  • Recommendation and implementation of new program

Pricing – Our prices reflect the market, but are they right? As we grow, this is an increasingly important question for us to be confident of. This project will entail working with internal and external stakeholders to understand pricing from three perspectives (below) and develop a proposal for pricing that enables us to meet our costs while also offering an attractive price in a competitive market(s).

  • Pricing of competition in same/similar businesses locally
  • Willingness to pay of customers for these products / services
  • Peach’s costs of delivering products / services to customers

Registration as a valuer – Vehicle valuation is a major source of revenue and, more importantly, a way for us to build our brand vis-a-vis visibility and mindshare in the market. We are interested in becoming a certified valuer, to tack onto our offering of inspections-as-a-service, and believe we have all the requirements met, however we need to confirm this and then action it, folding it into our operations, marketing/branding, etc. once it’s confirmed. This project will require one to…

  • Fully understand requirements and process and manage on behalf of Peach
  • Assess market opportunity and make a decision of whether we should pursue this or not (at this point in time and/or ever)
  • If so, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to register and implement this as a business line alongside standard operations
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